When we heard that Petr Cech was injured for the north London derby we all felt like crying.

Not only would we be going to White Hart Lane without one of our best players, but we’d also be doing it with a keeper who has bricks for hands.

Calamity Dave didn’t have too bad an afternoon at the Lane, truth be told. Perhaps I’m too harsh on him. If I am, it’s his own fault.

He did produce one superb save early in the game but, for the most part, his decisions to parry everything that came near him was heart-attack inducing.

As for his positioning? What on earth is he doing standing behind the line?

The 27-year-old was starting his first Premier League game of the season and made a total of nine saves.

Of those, he parried four with four shots coming from inside the box and five from outside.

He made zero catches.

A total of 29 passes saw him with just 38% pass accuracy. If you think that’s bad, it is. Cech has an average of 51% in the league this season.

It’s not that Ospina is a bad keeper, he’s not. He’s just not a very good one either.

Bang average, he’s capable of great saves and huge errors but his predilection for slapping the ball in front of him means that each save comes with the fear of the rebound being gobbled up.

Cech won’t be back for another three weeks at least. Can Arsenal keep up with the league leaders in the meantime with Ospina in goal?

Only time will tell.