Alex Iwobi posted about his ‘memorable’ performance against Everton.

The forward scored his first goal for the Arsenal senior team and was one of our stand-out players during the 2-0 victory. His performance even earned him a much-deserved Man of the Match award – again, the first he’s received.

I admire how the 19-year-old appears to be keeping his feet on the ground, despite having all manner of praise piled upon his young shoulders. Having good team-mates around him who will support him and make sure his head doesn’t get too big is essential.

As much as Iwobi was eager to post about the match on Twitter afterwards, he also made it clear that his focus was now on the next match after our international break. It’s good that he’s humble but I do hope he takes tonight to celebrate his success. Half the fun of winning is taking pride in it and he needs to do that to push on.