18 assists for Mesut Özil this season and it’s not even over yet.

As we all know, he has a great opportunity to break the record for most assists in a single Premier League season, held by our own Thierry Henry. With nine league matches left, he needs to somehow get just 3 more assists (Henry had 20). Not bad for someone who is nicking a living at Arsenal!

We all agree he is having amazing season and is main contender for player of the season in Arsenal. Stats talk for themselves – 18 assists so far, in 15 matches (yes, he had 2 in few!). When Mesut assists for a goal, Arsenal win. We lost only 2 matches with his assist – the weird loss at WBA and “low point of the season” not long ago in Manchester. We also managed to drew only one when he assisted – the NLD at home when Gibbs’ goal on Mesut’s assist brought us that 1 point.

As for the players that benefit from Mesut’s assists, Giroud is the one that needs to thank him the most. Out of 18 goals scored thanks to Mesut, he scored 6 of them. They seem to have some kind of connection, because Giroud often assists Mesut as well. Other than the Frenchman, Alexis used 3 of Mesut’s assists, while Walcott and Welbeck used 2 each.

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Anyway, hope you like this infographic. I tried to make it as accurate as possible when it comes to positions. Something the stats or my drawn lines can’t show is how great do those assists really look and how good his vision is. While I was researching for this infographic, I was watching videos of the goals and felt just so happy that we have him.