Reports emerged on Thursday that Pep Guardiola wanted the Arsenal job and that he wanted Thierry Henry as his number two.

How exciting right? Just the sort of thing that will rile fans up even more after watching their side lose to Swansea in the league.

But the little nugget of poison was delivered by Piers Morgan, a known Wenger-out mouthpiece. We are loathed to give any attention to him but in instances like this, it’s worth pointing out the baseless nature of his claims.

Let’s not kid ourselves this is true just because it is something we all wanted to hear. Don’t get carried away because, even if it is true, it means nothing.

There are enough sticks around with which to beat Arsenal at the minute. You don’t need to pick up one with extra sh*t just because it comes from a celebrity.

Check his history. Think for yourself about where he could have got the information from and ask the question – is he known for saying things just to get a reaction?

Do that and you probably won’t believe a word of it.

Nor should you: