Such is the nature of football, Arsenal will have an instant chance to move on from Sunday’s disappointment in midweek with a trip to Barcelona.

Though victory at Camp Nou seems incredibly unlikely (seriously, it’s as unlikely as Walcott completing 100 passes in a match) a good performance would be morale boosting if nothing else.

Unfortunately, we are not being taken very seriously in Spain. Since losing 2-0 to Barça in the first leg, we have lost three games, drawn once and won once. The players and the manager keep trying to stay positive, but that’s not helping.

In fact, there’s a line where the positivity begins to come across as delusion and Sport believe Wenger has crossed it.

A sinking Arsène Wenger declares ‘it’s still possible to eliminate Barcelona… if we can take them to penalties.’ (via SportWitness)

It’s not particularly nice to see Arsenal and Arsène mocked like this. Even if it is meant satirically there is a biting truth behind the joke, the boss will talk to the press tomorrow and he will say we have a chance.

It doesn’t feel like we have a chance, but if the Barcelona players are as cocky as the media, well, they’d be making a rod for their own collective back.

Still, I’m not getting my hopes up.