Joel Campbell told Arsenal magazine that, after a four year wait, he was ‘ready to play for Arsenal’ when he finally got his chance.

As the player himself says, Joel certainly took the long way round to get to North London. He signed for the club in 2011 but played for another four teams before he got his chance in the red and white of Arsenal.

“I always had confidence in my capability as player,” he said. “Yes, I had a difficult route here, but… when I got this opportunity this season after four years, I was ready for it, to play for Arsenal.

“I knew why I was here. I knew I had the capability to be a top player, and I work hard every day to make it happen.”

It still isn’t clear if Joel has a future at Arsenal. He has clearly impressed and improved dramatically this season but for some reason Arsene Wenger doesn’t seem to trust him that often.

I thought he’d have been out of the club before now, but his performances this season have made me eat my words.

Wenger still doesn’t seem too keen on munching.