Juventus and Atletico Madrid are said to monitoring the situation at Arsenal as they look to get Alexis Sanchez to agree a new deal.

With rumour of a new four-year deal being prepared by Arsenal for the player that would see him remain as one of the best paid players at the club, the two European giants are said to be hoping for talks to stall.

At this point I wouldn’t think that there is anything for Arsenal fans to worry about. Alexis seems to be loving life in London and at Arsenal. Indispensable to Arsene Wenger, he never wants for playing time or responsibility.

All talk of him leaving seems to revolve around him maybe not being happy if Arsenal don’t win anything.

Speculation and prediction posing as news.

Attempts to unsettle Alexis who is finally finding his feet after returning from injury? Or dis-rail Arsenal? The conspiracy nuts could have a field day with this sort of nonsense.

Nothing to see here, don’t let them suck you in.