March was a hard month for the Gunners.

Although there’s still a bit of the month to go, Arsenal won’t be playing any more fixtures, so we thought we’d take a look at the team of the month for March given the way things panned out.


Last month ended with Cech in charge, but a late surge up the pitch against Barcelona proved to be costly. A calf injury ruled him out of the games against Everton, Barcelona, Watford, Hull, Spurs, and Swansea in March as well as the game at Old Trafford at the end of February.

David Ospina came in and did better than we thought he might, but he’s still an accident waiting to happen.


Not much choice here, so of course it goes to Hector Bellerin. He didn’t play against Hull or Watford in the cup but otherwise continued to show why Mathieu Debuchy is no longer at the club.


It was a dodgy month for Arsenal in the heart of their defence, but I have to pick Per Mertesacker for the slot. The big German played four of the six games and generally looked like less of a disaster waiting to happen than Gabriel.


Laurent Koscielny isn’t enjoying the best run of form at the minute but he’s still streets ahead of Gabriel at the minute who looks like he’s more than a little confused with life.


Nacho Monreal. Needs no explanation.


Mohamed Elneny truly arrived at Arsenal during March. Thrust into the team because of Aaron Ramsey’s latest injury, the Egyptian showed himself to be an absolute bargain with consistent performances that steadied Arsenal’s listing ship. His goal in Spain wasn’t bad either.


Francis Coquelin gets this slot, mostly because he’s not Mathieu Flamini. His red card at Tottenham should see him eliminated from this squad altogether such was the magnitude of his stupidity but, well, as I said, Flamini.


Mesut Ozil. Why? Because he’s Mesut Ozil.

Front right

Alexis Sanchez. I know Alexis usually plays on the left, but since Iwobi’s inclusion in the side, he’s been moved to the other side and Arsenal look better for it. He now has to lift his head up rather than running down blind alleys and after a rough return from injury, he’s starting to look like his old self again. Maybe we didn’t break him after all.

Front left

Alex Iwobi. The youngster came into the side and we all had a bit of a laugh when Arsene Wenger started turning to him instead of more senior players. I guess the joke is on us. Composed, assured, skilful, full of hunger and pace, Iwobi could be one of those ‘once in a generation’ players that comes through the youth ranks. Exciting times ahead for the youngster.

Front middle

Danny Welbeck is a no-brainer for the frontman slot. His return from almost a year out with a knee injury has brought with it a rise in tempo and work rate across the whole squad and he’s even finding the net with more regularity than we’ve come to expect from him during his time at the club.

Villain of the month

Theo Walcott lost his place in the squad to a 19-year-old and I find myself wondering if he’s even noticed. His poor form has gone beyond something that can just be explained away by ‘one of those things’ and moved well into ‘he probably shouldn’t stay at Arsenal any longer’ territory.

March was *that* bad for Theo.