Swansea coach, Alan Curtis, admitted after his side’s 2-1 win against Arsenal at the Emirates that they quite enjoy playing against us, probably because they have a pretty good track record.

In a must-win game for Arsenal, the Gunners managed to crumble and pretty much throw their title chances out the window.

Speaking after the match, Curtis was glowing with pride for the Swans.

“The boys were excellent tonight,” said Curtis.

“We set a standard tonight and we need to keep it going.

“It was a chance for some of the players coming in this evening, and they grabbed their opportunity and have given the manager a problem.

“Tonight was a reminder that we’re still a good footballing team. We passed the ball well in the second half and played good football.

“Sometimes you play against teams and have a good record. Against Arsenal, it’s the type of football we seem to play well against.

“We enjoy playing against them. It’s always a good game and we’ve enjoyed some good results.”

Considering we started the better team and scored first, you can imagine why the coach is so pleased with the victory. The three points allows them a little bit of breathing room considering they haven’t had the best season and were hovering close to the relegation zone.

513352714 swansea citys english born welsh defender gettyimages
Swansea City’s English-born Welsh defender Ashley Williams (front) celebrates scoring their second goal with Swansea City’s Spanish defender Jordi Amat (back) during the English Premier League football match between Arsenal and Swansea City at the Emirates Stadium in London on March 2, 2016. (GLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images)

Arsenal on the other hand now sit six points off Leicester at the top of the table. With the Foxes drawing and Spurs losing, we had a real chance to make some ground up on our rivals and despite the poor result against Manchester United, remain competitive.

Unfortunately that was too much to ask.