Recent events have highlighted the pricing problems for many football fans and the Arsenal fans certainly know about it with the premium prices paid at the Emirates Stadium.

What I really believe is fans should vote with their feet if they are really unhappy.

We all know the numbers about the season tickets and the matchday ticket prices. They are, of course, excessive and not affordable for many fans who have been priced out. I am one of those and can only attend two or three games per season.

Some might even say that some fans have been priced out on purpose; there are a few teams I can think of where pricing was a way to get rid of unwanted supporters. I am not sure Arsenal is one of those.

As we know, Arsenal makes in excess of £1m revenue per home game, so those who really want to do something about the pricing problem should simply vote with their feet and not turn up.

All they need to do is not buy a ticket, or if they are season ticket holders, resell them on the ticket exchange or to their friends and simply not renew at the end of season.

The fans who are not happy should hit the club where it hurts most i.e. in the wallet.

Are demonstration and protests likely to make the Arsenal change their business model? No way.

Only a half empty ground and a huge revenue drop will pressurise and convince the club they need to make changes.

This is a big ask for fans who have been supporting the club for years but complaining without proper action will go nowhere.

At the end of the day, football is a business whether fans like it or not.

Arsenal are trying to be competitive with a certain business model, and if fans wants to disrupt it, they will need to take strong action.