Wojciech Szczesny wants to be a top class, number one keeper, at a leading club.

He hoped that club would be Arsenal.

I hoped that club would be Arsenal.

I’ve been a massive fan of the Pole since he arrived at the club in 2009 and have watched him from long before he broke into the first team. I wanted him, so badly, to become the keeper his promise told me, and Arsene Wenger, he could be.

But since making it to number one, he has failed to develop either on or off the pitch, showing an arrogance that has resulted in him being shipped off on loan.

Will Woj save his Arsenal career? CARLO HERMANN/AFP/Getty Images

That’s not going so well either.

While many of us thought it could be the making of him, wanted it to be the making of him, he’s shipping goals at a rate that would make your eyes water and Roma have not really much interest in keeping beyond the end of the season.

Of course, part of that could be financial. Arsenal are said to want a fee this time around should Roma take Woj back to Italy, but it’s likely also influenced by his performances.

As Arsenal signed Petr Cech last summer, the Pole couldn’t have helped wondering what it meant for his future. Although he said all the right things – how much he was looking forward to learning from the Czech – he was soon out the door to be a number one.

He didn’t seem to have much interest in staying to learn from Cech which would have probably been far more beneficial for him than a year playing in Italy and just doing what he’d been doing while he’d been playing for Arsenal.

Running out of patience? ANDREAS SOLARO/AFP/Getty Images

With Arsene Wenger saying that Cech could still play for ‘five more years’ you have to wonder what that means for Woj? It also means stuff for David Ospina as well, but we’re less bothered about him if we’re honest.

Does Woj come back and take up his role as number two or does he push for an exit?

Whatever happens this summer, Szczesny has a big decision to make.

How much does he want to just play v how much does he want to be the best?

Over to you, Woj.