Mesut Ozil has now gone nine Champions League games without an assist.

Of course, this stat doesn’t take into account the playmaker’s achievements in the league, where he’s now assisted 17. I’d therefore argue that it’s probably just a combination of coincidence and the calibre of teams we’re up against in Europe that mean he hasn’t been able to hit his stride fully in the competition yet.

Against Barcelona, Ozil wasn’t the usual beacon of light we’re used to. However, he was up against tough opposition.

If I’m honest, the amount of assists the German gets in the Champions League doesn’t necessarily bother me. For now, his form in the League is priority and the fact he’s still going strong there means I don’t think we have anything to worry about.

If he started to completely dry up, then we may have to look at what’s going on but for the moment, there’s no need to worry.