With Barcelona memories dulling a bit, all attention has now turned towards Manchester United and our trip to Old Trafford.

Arsene Wenger met with the press on Friday morning and gave Ox and Gabriel updates ahead of the game

Wenger also admitted that Welbeck might not be ready to start again against his old side but don’t rule him out having some sort of impact on Sunday.

Other Daily Cannon coverage from the press conference includes Wenger: Manchester United is still a special fixture and Wenger: I respect and sympathise with van Gaal which are both worth a read if you need reminding why the Arsenal boss is a classy man.

Wenger also refused to set a points target for winning the league, much to the sadness of the press.

In opposition news, you can find out the latest Anthony Martial injury update as United run out of players for the game.

The other big news of the day is that Arsenal announced a £3.4m loss when their financial results were released, but all many fans saw were the pounds in the bank.

Four Arsenal games were provisionally moved for TV, with just one finalised meaning that fans face another set of games where they have to make new/rearranged travel plans at short notice. It’s almost as if the TV companies don’t care about match going fans who aren’t at home to watch on their TV’s and see all that advertising.

Leicester had five moved, so at least we weren’t the worst affected.

In gossip, Arsenal reportedly made contact to bring Havard Nordtveit back to club while apparently Arsenal target Odion Ighalo in search of goals. So there you go.

Meanwhile, out on loan, Jon Toral has been pulling off these pieces of magic – Watch Jon Toral’s stunning passes for Birmingham – with an eye, no doubt, on returning to Arsenal in the summer and making an impact in the same way as Hector Bellerin who arrived with him from Barcelona.

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