Barcelona have possibly the best front three in the world.

Obviously none of them are a patch on Yaya Sanogo, but we thought it would be interesting to find out who we’re all most worried about ahead of our big Champions League clash.

We polled nearly 800 Gooners to find out which of Messi, Suarez and Neymar we’re most scared of, and the results were perhaps surprising. In fairness, using the word “scared” was perhaps not the best choice on a night where we’re keen to be bullish about our chances – as @Gunnerful corrected us, it would perhaps have been better to say “toughest to handle” rather than scared, but you suspect the results would be the same!

barca playersMessi came out on top, picking up 47% of the vote, but maybe the part that caught us by surprise was how close he was run by Luis Suarez. The former Liverpool man picked up 43% of the total voters, perhaps owing to the sheer number of goals he’s scored this year so far.

As expected, Neymar polled just 10%, underlining that he is perhaps a less consistent menace than his more experienced teammates. Indeed, in our earlier Q&A with Barcelona website @totalbarca, he was the one they would – at a push – let go.

There were some entertaining responses which are well worth a mention though:

@Goonerathena made a great point that you can’t always look at it on footballing terms: “Suarez bites people for fun”!

@Rudegooner619 also referenced some of the decisions that have gone against us in previous ties against the Catalans, with the response “the referees!”

And there were various people who were disappointed not to find a “none of the above” option – an oversight on our part!

@Muncun did add some balance though, with the query “where is the “everyone” button?”
It’s safe to say that whoever we’re most scared of, we’ll need to keep all three quiet tonight to come away with a result.

Come on you Gunners!