I know I shouldn’t be surprised by this sort of thing, but I am.

As I was hunting around the internet for things about Arsenal, I came across this story in the Express that was about..dum dum dum…Mesut Ozil parking a car.

Yes. You read that correctly, that was the sum total of the post – a few photos of Mesut and some pals parking his car.

But, I hear you asking, isn’t that exactly what I’m writing about here as well? Well, yes and no.

Mostly, I’m moaning about what is classified as ‘news’ these days and what is worthy of coverage.


Are we so desperate for information about Arsenal players that the powers that be at the main publishing houses think we want to know about such trivialities as these?

Perhaps we do.

Perhaps we like seeing our superstar heroes out and about doing things us regular folk do. Maybe it makes us feel a little bit more connected to the players who move ever further away from us.

Or, perhaps, it’s just a load of nonsense designed to get clicks.

If you’re interested, you can see Mesut Ozil driving his car after every home game if you stand outside the ground on the Tollington Road.

Not sure you can handle that level of excitement though, so be careful.