Arsene Wenger revealed that The Ox is ‘devastated’ after picking up yet another knee injury.

He picked up the ligament damage when he clashed with Javier Mascherano on Tuesday night and was initially reported to have suffered both knee and ligament damage.

Seen leaving the Emirates on crutches (last time that happened he was out forever), the Arsenal team are awaiting results of a scan to determine how long he will out. Arsene Wenger is hopeful it will be two-three weeks but we all know that’s not this works in Arsenal land.

“He is (devastated),” Wenger said at his press conference. “Let’s hope that we get good news that it’s only two or three weeks, not six or seven.

Arsenal's English midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain receives medical treatment during the UEFA Champions League round of 16 1st leg football match between Arsenal and Barcelona at the Emirates Stadium in London on February 23, 2016. / AFP / JAVIER SORIANO
Here we go again (JAVIER SORIANO/AFP/Getty Images)

“His injury is quite serious and keeps him out for a few weeks. He is consulting a specialist at the moment because he is injured at his knee. Hopefully we will have good news. He is out for a few weeks. How long exactly? I don’t know but a few weeks.

“It’s a new injury. He has been cut in two by Mascherano and he did his knee. It was a fully committed tackle but it didn’t look malicious. We have to see how big the damage is in his knee. Hopefully we will have good news later.”

Here’s a look at the Ox’s full injury record

Injury Date Injury Reported
Knee Injury 2016 February 23rd
Hamstring Injury 2015 October 27th
Hamstring Injury 2015 May 10th
Groin/Pelvis Injury 2015 April 6th
Hamstring Injury 2015 March 9th
Groin/Pelvis Injury 2015 January 18th
Groin/Pelvis Injury 2014 December 21st
Groin/Pelvis Injury 2014 December 13th
Knee Injury 2014 November 29th
MCL Knee Ligament Injury 2014 June 4th
Groin/Pelvis Injury 2014 April 23rd
Groin/Pelvis Injury 2014 April 12th
Groin/Pelvis Injury 2014 April 8th
Knee Injury 2013 August 17th
Hip/Thigh Injury 2013 July 17th
Illness 2013 January 19th
Hip/Thigh Injury 2012 October 20th
Ankle/Foot Injury 2012 August 12th
Knee Injury 2012 February 1st
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