It was perhaps surprising to some when Manchester United showed a keen interest in Mathieu Debuchy on deadline day but it appears they still want him.

The right-back will be thrilled, considering that’s the main things he’s yammered on about since going out to Bordeaux on loan in January.

Speaking shortly after he went to France, the 30-year-old appeared perplexed over the fact that Arsene Wenger hadn’t let him go out on loan to a rival team. Crazy!

511332436 bordeaux french defender mathieu debuchy gettyimages
Bordeaux’ French Defender Mathieu Debuchy controls the ball during the French Ligue 1 football match between Bordeaux and Nice on February 19, 2016 at the Matmut Atlantique stadium in Bordeaux, southwestern France. (ROMAIN PERROCHEAU/AFP/Getty Images)

The boss soon retaliated by pointing out how it would be ridiculous to give one of our players to a rival. He’s learnt from the Robin van Persie fiasco; he’s not letting that happen again, even if we are talking about Debuchy and not RvP.

All is not lost for Mathieu though, as apparently the Red Devils are still interested and are reportedly scouting him while he’s on loan with Bordeaux. Interesting.