When Danny Welbeck rose to direct Mesut Ozil’s freekick home in the 5th minute of injury time, Arsenal fans the world over erupted in pure joy.

The Leicester fans, were, understandably crushed but they weren’t the only ones as we’ve discovered on our travels around the internet.

Over on The People’s Person, one of the most popular Manchester United websites, they detail, at length, the reaction of their fans to the dramatic winner – and it makes for great reading.

While Welbeck’s contribution may not amount to what Robin van Persie brought to United that last year they won the title, to see one of their very own score the winner to help Arsenal in the title race when they have just lost to Sunderland and would hardly know how to find Welbeck even if they still had him, was at thing of beauty.

For us, if not them.

What followed from the United fans was simply the icing on the Danny Welbeck injury return cake.

This was my personal favourite, but you can read them all by following the link above.

Wonderful stuff.