On Saturday afternoon there were loads of reports around that Arsenal were prepared to sell Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and that West Ham were possible suitors.

It’s a very rapid turn of events from recent reports that were claiming the Ox was in contract talks with the club (with some saying he was demanding double his wages) so are Arsenal really thinking of selling him in the summer?

I would very much doubt it.

Sure, the Ox has been plagued with injuries and his form has been in the toilet. Those two things are no doubt connected but neither have been something that Arsene Wenger has used in the past to get rid of a player.

Wenger puts a lot of faith in his youngsters to come good and he is highly unlikely to be seeking to cut his losses with the Ox who only arrived at the club in 2011 for £12m.

And let’s be clear here. When you set his injuries to the side, the Ox has impressed more often than not, his slump coming for only one of his four and a half years at the club.

Plus he’s only 22, consistency is incredibly hard to come by at that age.

In the summer, as part of the negotiations for Petr Cech, Chelsea allegedly asked about signing the Ox.

Arsenal said no then. I see no reason why they would change their mind now.