Olivier Giroud is confident that we can beat Barcelona in the Champions League on Tuesday if we work together and all give 100 per cent.

Speaking ahead of the match alongside Arsene Wenger, the striker admitted that the team really wants to beat the La Liga giants, just to show that they are mortals.

“We would love to beat them because they look unstoppable,” he said.

“We need to play our best game all together and at 100 per cent. Otherwise we’re not going to play this game and we’re going to lose it.”

This is the thing, Barcelona are human and any football team can get beaten, no matter how strong they are or how well they’re performing every week.

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Arsenal’s French striker Olivier Giroud (C) attends a training session ahead of the UEFA Champions League round of 16 1st leg football match against Barcelona at Arsenal’s London Colney training ground on February 22, 2016. Arsenal will play against Barcelona at the Emirates Stadium in London on Tuesday February 23, 2016. / AFP / GLYN KIRK (Photo credit should read GLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images)

The 29-year-old used past European matches this season to highlight how Arsenal are capable of pulling off a big result when the occasion calls for it.

“We are confident, we need to be confident and play the Arsenal way,” Giroud continued.

“We did well against Munich. We know that we can beat big teams but there is one thing for sure: we need to be at 100 per cent and be determined.

“We just need to focus and give 100 per cent all together with good team cohesion. After that we will put what we need into this game – a lot of commitment and determination. We managed that against Bayern and that will help us to win.

“We did very well against Olympiacos to qualify as it was very hard. We are looking forward to playing Barcelona who are maybe the best team in the world today. We are going to play our game.”

Giroud has a point. We know we’re good enough to beat Barcelona, at least on our turf, but we have to play at the top of our game to be in with a chance.

Hopefully the fact that we don’t really have anything to lose will take the pressure of our shoulders and allow us to play some of our best football.