With Arsenal on top of Barcelona and creating a number of half chances midway through the second half on Tuesday night, Marc-André ter Stegen sprung low to his right and kept Arsenal’s best effort of the evening out.

It was a brilliant save from German goalkeeper. Olivier Giroud appears to be on the receiving end of plenty of criticism, but very few goalkeepers would’ve kept that effort out, and the Gunners would’ve taken the lead.

At that point, from seeing the gameplan for the rest of the evening, we would have sat off and tried to spring counter-attacks like in the first half.

“It’s possibly the turning point,” the Frenchman said to Arsenal Player after the game. “I had a duel with the defender and I think that I headed the ball well but the keeper did very well.”

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Marc-André ter Stegen produced a world class save to stop Arsenal from taking the lead on Tuesday. ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Images)

It took fewer than 60 seconds for Barcelona to score at the other end and land a devastating blow to Arsenal’s hopes.

“We were not cautious enough of their counter-attack [afterwards], which is a model counter-attack, and then they finished it well. We couldn’t score in the first half after we played well on the counter-attack and were dangerous.

“We couldn’t finish our hard work and it’s disappointing because at the end of the day we’re 2-0 down and our chances of qualifying are very small. There’s a lot of disappointment.”

There certainly is, and the second goal kills the tie. The Gunners now need to go to Camp Nou and win by two goals which, to be frank, seems an impossible task. The players worked hard and were excellent for the majority of the game but, as Arsène Wenger said after the match, our naivety cost us dearly.