Theo Walcott faced the ire of Gooners everywhere for what was an awful display against Manchester United on Sunday.

Standing head and shoulders above the rest of his teammates on a day that was filled with mediocrity, Walcott was taken of with 63 minutes on the clock.

How he’d stayed on that long is anyone’s guess.

As I was looking around for some stats for another piece U stumbled across Theo’s tackling stats for the season.

Now we all know that he’s not that great defensively (to put it more than a little mildy) but did you know how bad?

In the Premier League, Theo Walcott has made nine tackles. Not in the game against United ion Sunday. In the Premier League. All season.


Mesut ‘isn’t he lazy?’ Ozil has 27 for comparison, Alexis Sanchez 31, Olivier Giroud 24, Joel Campbell 25, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 23.

Now I understand that it is not his job to defend or tackle, but you could argue that of most of the players on that list. And why should Theo get a free pass on the dirty side of the game just because he doesn’t really fancy it?

I’m sure he’s not the only one of that lot that would like to hang around the box for the perfect pass in the right amount of space with few defenders between them and the goal.

Trouble is, Theo, the rest of them realise this is a team game.

Do you?

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