You probably don’t need to be told that Arsenal haven’t won at Old Trafford in the Premier League in ten years.

Unless you’re a bit of a gambler, you probably didn’t realise something else either – Arsenal have never been favourites to win at the home of the former Champions in the Premier League era.

That’s right, since the Premier League started 24 years ago, Arsenal have always been the underdogs.

Not this time.


The bookies have instilled Arsenal as the favourites to win on Sunday and extend their gap from 10 to 13 points over their opponents.

The reason for this is many-fold but mostly comes down to the number of injuries United are suffering at present. Losing Anthony Martial to a hamstring strain ahead of their Europa League game was just the tipping point.

All that being said, being favourites never feels likes something Arsenal willingly embrace.

While on paper it looks like it should be an easy, comfortable, and straight forward win for the Gunners, the scars from our previous visits there tell me it will be anything but.