Most people I know are familiar with the game ‘would you rather…?’

The concept of said game is to choose between two scenarios you would rather see happen. Either both scenarios are good or both bad, so there’s no obvious answer.

This week, for my column, I decided to come up with 10 Arsenal-related scenarios that could during the rest of the season and try to decide which ones I would rather occur.

Would you rather…

Arsenal lose to Burnley in the FA Cup but have a chance at winning the Premier League or we win the FA Cup and finish top four, again?

For me, winning the Premier League this season is the ultimate goal. Although we’re still in the Champions League, with all due respect, I don’t see us winning it. Winning our first Premier League trophy since the Invincibles will be huge for us.

Of course, winning the FA Cup for the third year in a row would be huge as well and if I pick the second option is guaranteed silverware. Winning both would be great but that’s not the game we’re playing here my friends.

I’d rather win the league and lose to Burnley.

Would you rather…

Olivier Giroud gets injured for the rest of the season, forcing Wenger to buy a ‘top, top’ striker or Giroud remains fit for the entire season but we don’t buy anyone at all during the transfer window?

One the surface, Giroud getting injured and us buying someone ‘world class’ seems like a good deal. Although some may argue the big guy is in fact world class himself. However, there’s no telling how well said striker would perform for us and how quickly he would slot into our first team. Also, when the Frenchman returns, what happens to him and the likes of Welbeck?

Does Giroud sit on the bench until someone comes in with an offer to buy him after Wenger invested so much time and faith into him? Does Welbeck, who once played for Manchester United, being our second back-up striker?

In addition, there’s no telling how Giroud’s form will fluctuate this season. Despite not necessarily performing fantastically every game, he’s consistent in the fact that he can find the net. He could go on to score 30 this season for all we know.

I’d rather keep Giroud and make no new signings.

Would you rather…?

We win the league and Wenger stays at Arsenal for years to come or Arsenal don’t win the league and Pep Guardiola steps in at the end of the season?

For me, this is quite an easy one, I want Wenger to stay at Arsenal for as long as he’s happy, plus I want to win the league. However, many believe Pep is our ticket to success in Europe, which Arsenal are yet to achieve.

As successful as the Bayern Munich manager is, the idea of him coming in just because Wenger doesn’t deem himself good enough for Arsenal anymore breaks my heart.

In addition, there’s no guaranteeing success just because Guardiola steps in.

I’d pick Wenger staying any day.

Would you rather…?

Arsenal re-signed Cesc Fabregas and he was brilliant all season long but we never signed Mesut Ozil or we signed Mesut but Cesc excelled at Chelsea?

At first this one seemed easy and I tried to overthink it. If we never knew the genius of Mesut Ozil at Arsenal, could we really miss him? What’s more, Cesc, when in form, is one of the best in the world, there’s no doubt about that.

However, after overthinking and going round in circles I realised that the answer was as simple as I’d first thought.

I’d pick Ozil at Arsenal, hands down. Cesc can go wherever he likes and be as good as he can be, but, although I don’t harbour the same venom for the Spaniard as a lot of Gooners, I don’t want him at our club. If you’d asked me this last summer my answer would probably be very different but right now, Ozil represents far more than Cesc ever did. We signed the playmaker from Real Madrid at the beginning of a new era for Arsenal. I’d never give him up.

And finally…

Would you rather…?

Be eaten alive by angry badgers or be a Spurs fan?

I think we all know the answer to that one.