Always happy to discuss the wider issues in sport, and society in general, Arsène Wenger has been quoted on doping a number of times in recent months.

The Arsenal boss spoke about the issue when a Dinamo Zagreb player was found guilty of taking on a banned substance before the Gunners met the Croatian side back in September.

Thursday’s press conference saw a member of the media tell Wenger that the chief executive of UK Anti-Doping said she would ‘value’ talks with him, the Arsenal manager insisted he is happy to help but is not able to fix the issue of doping in sport.

“I have more desire than time but I’m always happy to help if I can,” the Frenchman answered. “I’ve said what I have to say and I have not a lot more to do.

“In football especially we look like we want to tackle the problem now, for a long time we didn’t.

“I am available, I don’t have a special desire but I think we have to help to fight against it.

“When a guy wins we think it’s because he’s the best and not because he takes substances. It’s a justice issue and a health issue.”

The boss has previously said that he has come up against teams who have doped, but insisted that it is not an issue we have in the Premier League.

“I am sure that not one club in England is trying to dope players. I’m 100% convinced nobody in England tries to do that as a club.”