The Daily Star have been a little naughty today as they linked Alexis Sanchez with a move to Chelsea, but they aren’t the only ones.

The paper claims that should ex-Chile boss Jorge Sampaoli take over at Chelsea in the summer then he would want to bring Alexis Sanchez with him.

Good for him.

The story is a whole lot of nothing designed to get irate Gooners clicking on it to see what’s going on and the fact is there is no guarantee that Sampaoli will be handed the reigns at Chelsea and certainly even less of one that Sanchez would jump ship -especially not when he’s on the verge of winning more things with Arsenal.

What could Chelsea offer him that Arsenal can’t? Money, that’s about it and Sanchez hardly strikes me as the type of player who would throw away everything he’s worked for at Arsenal simply to fatten his bank balance.

The claim in the Star seems to have originated on the Spanish website Fichajes and they are even less reliable than any of the English press.

Nothing to see here and even less to get angry about.