The 2016 Deloitte Football Money League has been released, assessing the amount clubs make from commercial deals, matchday revenue and broadcasting.

With a huge broadcasting contract, Premier League clubs dominate the top 30, with all but three of the sides from England’s top flight making the cut.

Arsenal saw new deals with Emirates and PUMA increase commercial revenue hugely, along with a number of overseas partners beginning their affiliations with the club. Over the past two seasons the club’s commercial revenue has grown by a remarkable 66% as chief executive Ivan Gazidis and chief commercial officer Vinai Venkatesham continue to do fantastic work.

Matchday revenue was also huge for the Gunners, contributing just over £100m of the club’s earnings – more than any other club in Europe.

Overall, the Gunners’ revenue for 2014/15 sits at £331.3m, an increase of over £30m from the previous season, and was enough to see the club overtake Chelsea (whose revenue sat at £319.5m) in the money league.

Finally the move to the Emirates Stadium appears to be, quite literally, paying off and now puts Arsenal in a much better position to financially compete with other top clubs in England. However, there’s a little way to go to catch the revenue streams of Manchester United (£395.2m despite not playing in the Champions League) and Manchester City (£352.6m).

The world’s top two clubs Barcelona (2nd with £427m) and Real Madrid (1st with £439m) are a long way off, but Arsenal now sit 7th in the world and aren’t too far off Bayern Munich (£360.6m) and PSG (£365.8m) as the only other sides from mainland Europe to break the top nine.