Arsenal have the fourth highest wage bill in the Premier League, coming in behind Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City in the league table of clubs that pay out the most money to players.

Arsenal’s wages for the 14/15 season came in at £192m, a £25.6m rise on the previous season which totalled £166.4m.

Chelsea moved into first place, ahead of Manchester United, with a £22.9m rise, taking them to £215.6m. United saw their wage bill reach £203m for 14/15 while Manchester City actually saw their bill fall by £12.3m.

Wages are often used as an indicator of where a team will finish in the Premier League with wage rank often matching up with the place in the league a club finishes.

Arsenal’s wages rose due to the signing of Alexis Sanchez and new contracts for a number of first-0team regulars including Theo Walcott.