Arsene Wenger claims that it’s simply too early to tell whether Arsenal can win the league yet.

To be fair, we still have a lot of the season to play and anything can happen. Although we’ve been the most consistent out of the lot, there is the possibility we could hit a rough patch.

Speaking ahead of our Boxing Day fixture against Southampton, the boss said, “Football is pragmatic. No one can predict the future games. 

Adding, “It is much too early to say who will win the Premier League. We are only halfway.”

While I’m skeptical over Wenger’s claim that he isn’t in fact psychic, he is right. Getting ahead of ourselves and convincing our squad the league is already won is the last thing we need. We still have Leicester (!) to overtake, half of our fixtures to play and other competitions to take part in. Not to mention the potential for other teams to finally find their form and try to catch up if and when we drop points.

We’ve got a long road ahead of us but at least we’ve got our running shoes on.