The Premier League has always been competitive and that’s why it’s known as one of the most exciting in the world but this season it’s out of control.

We’re almost 17 games through the season and Leicester City are sitting top of the table with 38 points. No one could have predicted such a good run from the Foxes and at this point, it’s fair to say that it’s not all just a fluke and that they’re actually very good.

Chelsea hovering above the relegation zone has really set the cat amongst the pigeons. The team who were supposed to romp the league again and stroll merrily to yet another title are going through a crisis. Mourinho has once again been shown the door and players aren’t happy.

United are also going through a tough time and City are finding all kinds of excuses to drop points.

At this stage it’s hard to even guess how the top four is going to look come May, let alone who will win it, although we do have a good chance.

It’s because of this unpredictability that Wenger believes our league is better than the likes of La Liga.

“It inspires everybody,” the boss said.

“The teams behind by five or six points all think that with a good run they can be there. It is very open, but that’s what is sensational. It is not only a league where you think it’s only Real Madrid or Barcelona [who can win it]. I find it very good and very healthy.”

It has been an incredible season so far and it’s exciting to see how it all pans out. For once, we appear to be one of the teams in with a real chance of winning and if we can beat City on Monday night, the table will get even more interesting.