Before Monday night’s game between Arsenal and Manchester City, Sky Sports, and Jamie Carragher in particular, billed the playmaker’s battle as ‘Silva runs the game while Ozil does not’.

What a superb foot and mouth prediction.

The Arsenal playmaker contributed two very important assists; the first to Walcott and the second one to Giroud.

In a tense first half, with Arsenal struggling to get any pace in their attacks, he was a bit isolated due to the lack off the ball movement around him.

He did all the fundamental defensive jobs as Arsenal tried to keep it tight defensively in a 4-5-1 system while City were on the ball.

Arsenal were defending quite low and tended not to use the counter attack, preferring slow build up play with a lot of passing interchanges but with no real pace or penetration.

The first goal came from the left with Ozil looking for options and finding Walcott who came inside and unleashed a powerful shot into the top corner. It was more of a continuation pass than a real assist to be fair, unlike the pass for the second goal.

It has to be noted that Koscielny’s vertical passing was superb on the day and he would have been credited with an assist as well, if points were counted as they are in ice hockey.

The second goal came from another left-sided attack with a delicious through ball to Giroud, the forward being served on a plate with the usual caviar from Ozil. The Frenchman finished well with a shot between Hart’s leg just before half-time.

Overall, Ozil’s performance was consistent with what he has done throughout the season, being the creative focal point, always available and demanding the ball between the opposition’s midfield and defensive lines.

It was another masterclass by the German playmaker.

David Silva, meanwhile, finished with nothing but a yellow card.