Gary Monk believes Swansea were responsible for the three goals put past them when they faced us in the Premier League on Saturday but Wenger didn’t appear bothered by his comments.

Following the match, Wenger admitted that he would have to look at the goals again but he didn’t appear fazed by the Swans’ manager’s comments.

“Honestly in every goal you concede you have five mistakes on average,” he said.

“I didn’t look too much at them honestly when we scored the goals, I would have to see them again.”

The first goal, a Giroud header, was the result of poor marking, while the second controversially involved Koscielny backing into their goalkeeper, former Arsenal man Fabianski. You can therefore understand why Monk feels a bit hard done by, considering how well they played in the first half and how poorly we started.

However, at the end of the day, the only thing that matters at the end of the match is the result and we thoroughly deserved the three points. Our second half performance was fantastic and if we hadn’t scored those specific three goals, we probably would have scored others.