In October, it emerged that Dinamo Zagreb player, Arijan Ademi, tested positive for doping after the Croatian team beat us 2-1 away.

Instantly Gooners took it upon themselves to read up on Uefa’s rules on doping in football and basically suss out whether we could have the embarrassing result not only erased from our memories but the Champions League.

Unfortunately not. It turns out the team have to have two or more players found guilty of doping for action to actually be taken on the team, which seems a little strange if you ask me.

Apparently Wenger thinks so too.

In his press conference on Monday, the boss was vocal about his disagreement with the rule and compared it to ‘basically accepting’ doping.

“It’s a surprising rule,” he said. “Uefa applies the rule that is planned but I personally don’t agree with it. You cannot say that they had a doped player but the result stands. That means you basically accept doping.”

He added, “But it is the rule and we accept that. We have to look at ourselves and deal with our own performance.”

I can completely see where Wenger’s coming from. The rule is a little odd, as someone has still tested positive for doping and the club is basically going unpunished.