A point at Norwich was a little disappointing, but a late save from Petr Čech prevented us from losing.

With 20 minutes to go, a cross deflected off of an unknowing Gabriel and seemed destined for the bottom corner until Čech dived across his goal to produce perhaps his best save for Arsenal so far.



I guess that’s what £11m gets you. Arsenal got a bargain in the summer, and he won us yet another point on Sunday. He won us two against Everton in October with a late stop to deny Gerard Deulofeu, that save followed his previous Arsenal game against Merseyside opposition, when he kept us in the game against Liverpool.

John Terry said in the summer that Čech will win us 15 points this season, and he’s well on his way there.

A superb performance also helped Arsenal to a Champions League win against Bayern Munich, and the goalkeeper has plenty more to offer.

His experience is vital but his shot stopping is still at the very highest level, as he showed again on Sunday when things could’ve been so much worse than they ended up being. It’s only a matter of time before Čech saves Arsenal again. When he does, he’ll get even closer to the 15 point mark Terry predicted back in June.

Thanks, Chelsea.