Back in September, some Arsenal fans tore down some signs in the Tottenham away end.

Celebrating a 2-1 win in the League Cup, 10 Arsenal fans were arrested and the club escaped an FA charge. Travelling to the Emirates Stadium on Sunday, some Tottenham fans apparently decided to get some form of revenge.

Congratulations, Spurs fans! Your club will now foot the bill for the damage done at the Emirates Stadium and our next visitors will have shiny new sinks to wash their hands in. You, however, couldn’t wash your hands all afternoon.

Joke’s clearly on us!

The behaviour of our fans back in September wasn’t good and shouldn’t be condoned but this petty form of comeuppance is childish and pathetic. It achieves nothing, but allows some oafs with underdeveloped brains to get rid some of the latent anger after another bad week at work and the disappointment of having Tottenham Hotspur to turn to as your football club.

I hope that went well for them. Bathrooms of Premier League away ends beware, Spurs are coming and they take any reminders of their poor personal hygiene as a personal affront!