It’s no secret that Bayern Munich absolutely ran rings around Arsenal on Wednesday in their 5-1 Champions League clash.

However, the statistics behind the match are even more disheartening after seeing just how thoroughly we were spanked.

The Bundesliga champions not only came away with all three points and an impressive scoreline, they also enjoyed 69% possession to our 31%; 23 shots to our seven; and 13 shots on target to our two.


Of course, we’ve all learned that possession can mean very little in the grand scheme of the game but when it comes to shots, particularly those on target, it becomes clear that Bayern absolutely dominated us in every sense of the word.

Considering our 2-0 home win, it’s more than a little disappointing that we allowed them to put so many goals past us. They’re strong, especially at home, so a win might have been too much to ask but five goals is ridiculous.