Thierry Henry had some choice words for Arsenal following our 1-1 draw with Spurs on Sunday.

The Arsenal legend believes that these are the games we should be winning; when we’re not feeling our best or playing well, we should still be getting those points, especially as Man City dropped two points against Villa earlier that day.

And he’s right.

Sunday was a prime opportunity to overtake Man City and grab first in the Premier League table. We were at home against our closest rivals and, despite our midweek upset against Bayern, we’ve been flying in the league so far.

Who knows when we’ll get another chance to overtake City, who we’re still level on points with?

“I think that Tottenham played better than Arsenal, but ultimately when you know Manchester City have drawn a game and you can get two points ahead of them you have to take that opportunity and today they didn’t,” Henry said.

“Yes they didn’t play well but you have to manage to win these types of games even when you’re not playing well no matter how, no matter what, especially against Tottenham. They were better in the second half but it wasn’t enough.”

City are strong, they don’t drop points often, not to teams like Villa. Therefore, when they do, our players should see that and use that to fuel them in their match. They should be making those three points there’s.