Despite beating Manchester United 3-0, Arsenal weren’t even the biggest story in English football on Sunday evening.

Earlier in the day, the Merseyside derby had seen Liverpool draw 1-1 with Everton, and that was the final straw for FSG.

The Liverpool boss, after Arsène Wenger, was the manager in the Premier League with the second-longest current reign but leaves Anfield after just over three seasons. Speaking after his sides win at the Emirates Stadium, Wenger had his say on the decision taking by the Liverpool board.

“I’m always sad when that happens as I think he is a quality manager. Unfortunately the pressure is always bigger on the managers,” Wenger said.

“I think what he has done at Liverpool, he was very unlucky to not win the Premier League. He was closest certainly to winning the Premier League in all the managers that have been working for the club but that is the way it goes now and I wish him good luck. I’m sure he will find a job again.”

The Liverpool boss was in charge of one of Arsenal’s worst defeats under Wenger early in 2014 but failed to win in the five Liverpool games he managed at the Emirates Stadium.

Managers come and go so quickly in the Premier League, no manager other than Wenger has lasted three years of the men currently in jobs. It’s nice to see a man who has just entered his 20th year in a job enjoying a brilliant victory on the same day that yet another big club sacks yet another manager.

Arsène Wenger, meanwhile, is here to stay.