After claiming top of the league on Saturday after beating Everton 2-1 at home, Arsene Wenger revealed that not only did he not expect us to be this high up at this point in the season but that we still need to improve.

The boss has always preached the importance of not paying attention to other teams when it comes to the Premier League. All we should be doing is concentrating on winning our games and picking up the points available to us.

Speaking after our victory over Everton, he admitted, “After the first game against West Ham nobody would have predicted that.

“After 10 games we are there and that shows we have made some ground up.

“Honestly, I thought it would take much longer – Manchester City won [their first] five games and it’s still very early in the season.”

The boss still believes there’s room for improvement, despite our recent form.

“Let’s not focus on our position – we have to continue to grow and improve and there are still many aspects in our game we can improve,” Wenger continued.

“We have to keep the desire, the concentration and the humility and try to play better football. Our results at the moment are more the consequence of team effort, not individuals.”

It’s a useful mentality to have. The job is far from complete and if we start to believe that we’re the finished article, we could really suffer. Looking at other teams dropping points and thinking that automatically means we have our remaining matches in the bag would be incredibly naive and it’s good to see Wenger trying to keep our team’s feet on the ground.

By all means, celebrate our success, but then move onto the next fixture and try and improve even more.