Former Spurs manager Harry Redknapp has backpedaled over his recent criticism of Arsenal and now believes, after our performance against Man United on Sunday, we can win the league.

The ex-manager has jumped on any opportunity to blast Arsenal, Wenger or any one of our players so far this season but after a convincing performance against the Red Devils, he’s been forced to rethink his views.

Speaking after the 3-0 spanking of United, Redknapp said, “That first twenty minutes was as good as I have seen. 

“It was mind-blowing. They blew Man United completely away.”

He added, “I tipped them at the start of the year [to win the title] and after two or three games I thought I must be mad! 

“But now suddenly you look at it and think, hang on, they are right there.

“They have got a great chance this year if they can find a little bit of consistency.”

The result was far more than just three points for the Gunners, who, although have been terrible in the Champions League, have been gaining momentum in the Premier League. It was a statement of intent and a signal to the rest of the league that yes, we can ready to challenge and convincingly at that.

After receiving criticism from numerous sources, Redknapp included, on our lack of strikers, suddenly the goals are flying in from left, right and centre. We’re in a strong position and now finally people are beginning to take notice.