It’s emerged that David Ospina’s family has been left feeling unsafe after robbers broke into their Hampstead home and stole their £100,000 car.

The robbers broke in while Ospina’s wife, Jesica Sterling, and their children were asleep upstairs.

The odd thing is, they only took the car keys and took the car on a joy ride. The vehicle was found but no one has been arrested at the moment.

“It’s difficult at night,” Jesica said. “We think that everything was planned because they came to the house through the window and took about 10 minutes maximum and left with the keys.

“It was strange they didn’t look for anything else – just took the keys and went.”

At this time, it’s unclear whether the robbery was definitely planned, although the fact that they only took the car keys and would have known where they were suggests so.

As much as everyone envies footballers’ salaries, it does leave them open to crimes such as these. When people know you have money and a lot of it, security for you and your family is a huge issue.

Hopefully the police get to the bottom of this and Ospina and his family can move on.