Since joining Arsenal just over two years ago, Mesut Özil has had plenty of criticism.

The German playmaker has been dismissed as lazy, weak, and a player who doesn’t care enough. A penalty miss against Bayern Munich in his first season seemed to sum it all up for some people.

But not everyone. Many fans have watched Özil in awe since he arrived, and are being vindicated by his recent performances. No player in Europe’s top leagues has created more chances than Özil so far this season, and Arsenal fans will be hoping he delivers against Bayern on Tuesday night. Bayern are certainly wary of him.

“Mesut is very lively,” Bayern Munich star and Özil’s Germany team-mate Thomas Müller told Arsenal Player. “His left foot is outstanding and he’s always got a great eye for a pass to a team-mate.

“His style of play fits perfectly to Arsenal’s game. That’s why he plays a good role there.”

Since Arsène Wenger stamped his influence on the club, Arsenal have been known as an attacking side that likes to move the ball around. There’s no doubt that suits Özil.

Müller knows that his countryman poses a huge threat to Bayern – who have won all 12 of their competitive games so far this season – on Tuesday night.

“Mesut can hurt anyone, especially in London, where I see Arsenal as being a tick stronger than when they play away.

“We need to prevent Mesut from playing those dangerous passes in the final third.”

Of late, Arsenal’s away form has been better than it’s been at the Emirates Stadium, but the Gunners ripped Manchester United apart last time they played in north London.

The Emirates should be rocking tonight, so the players will hope to harness that energy to spur the team on before they head out to Munich – where we have won and drawn in our last two visits – two weeks from now.