You wonder if the Mirror reporter who rated the Arsenal player at the Bayern game is a Guardiola fan or has a clear anti-Arsenal agenda.

The notes are so poor that you would think Arsenal were beaten at home the same way they were against Olympiakos.

First, it has to be said that it is extremely difficult to watch 22 players at the same time for 90 minutes and rate them all. I mean you cannot really see what happens off the ball at the same than on the ball. Still that reporter does not even have that excuse as he only had to rate 11 players.

Rating players is not a perfect science and far from it, it might happen in the near future when fans and reporter will be able to pick up the players data live at the ground but we are not there yet.

So let’s have a look at those Mirror ratings:

Cech 8: Well he had a good game with one of two uncertain moments, might be worth an extra half point.

Bellerín 5: Just a joke rating. How can he get a 5, which means a below average game? They mention that he was tormented on the left side by Costa. Definitely a hard battle for the young full back, but he was still part of a back four that kept a clean sheet against FC Bayern. Not to mention he also assisted Özil for the second goal. Way off the mark, worth at least a seven.

Mertesacker 6: Rated as having an average game. Again another defender who had a solid performance, pairing well with Koscielny to defend Cech’s goal. Worth at least seven.

Koscielny 7: as we previously said in our player focus, he was strong on the night. Worth at least eight.

Monreal 6: Again rated as average, you do not keep a clean sheet against FCB with an average performance, very solid and offered solution going forward. Also worth at least seven.

Coquelin 6: A defensive midfielder who did his job well enough of protecting the back four. Not many positioning mistakes or bad passes, a solid game. Again seven would have been correct.

Cazorla 5: Below average. Really? He did not influence the game as much as usual but was steady in his defensive work. Worth the average rating of six.

Ramsey 6: Well he got injured and was industrious on his right side, might be worth an extra half point.

Özil 6: Again another player rated as average, great movement and technical skill, passing and the icing of the cake with a goal. Well worth at least seven.

Walcott 7: Worked very hard, had a few shots but missed an easy chance that was saved by Neuer. Fair rating.

Sanchez 6: Not his best performance, gave away a ball twice that could have lead to a Bayern goal, not his usual forward threat. Might even be overrated and actually worth a five.


Oxlade-Chamberlain 6: Did not threaten enough with his pace (no rating needed).

Giroud 7: A goal and a good impact (no rating needed)

Gibbs 5: Seriously a cameo appearance should not be rated, he did the job and helped keeping the clean sheet

It seems clear, in my opinion, that the Mirror reporter under-rated most of the Arsenal players.