New Manchester United striker Anthony Martial has spoken up about his comparison to Thierry Henry, insisting that he doesn’t think he’s quite there yet.

The comparison between the King and Martial was drawn even before he joined United. The £36m price tag then sparked attention and people began to notice that each of his four goals in just four appearances looked remarkably Henry-esque.

His style of play has drawn even more interest and now people are already labeling him as the next Henry.

However, the player himself has admitted that the comparison is a little premature. He also hailed Henry’s ability and explained that he does want to become that good… with time.

“I know this is a very great player who is a legend in England,” Martial said. “I don’t think we have the same characteristics. Thierry Henry is Thierry Henry.

“I still have everything to prove. By continuing to work, I will try to reach his level but I am still very far off.”

As good as Martial’s been this season, he failed to score against Arsenal at the Emirates on Sunday and was actually kept pretty quiet by Gabriel. He had one clear-cut chance one-on-one with Cech that the goalkeeper saved and other than that, he didn’t see that much of the ball.