Gabriel has spoken to about wanting to make history with this Arsenal team and believing we can win the Champions League, but is this a bit of a reach?

Don’t get me wrong. Winning the Champions League would be a dream come true, not just for the players but for the manager and the fans. However, I’m not sure we’re quite ready to really challenge yet.

“When I got here, I saw that Arsenal have the ability to do it,” the defender said. “We have great players to win the biggest competitions. I’m sure that me, my team-mates and everyone that works here will make history.

“I will have my name remembered here for my son and your sons to see that we won the Champions League, the Premier League, the best competitions, because Arsenal are capable of doing it.”

So far, despite doing well in the Premier League, our European results have been pretty terrible. We’ve lost both matches – the first 2-1 against Dinamo Zagreb, the second 3-2 against Olympiacos.

“You go back a bit, you see what happened, you see what the family went through and that gives you the strength to go back to playing to your high standards in a club where you must be at your best, where you must always be willing to show your potential every day,” Gabriel said.

“So I think these things I went through back then give me great strength to be able to be a great player. I want to become one of the best defenders in the world.”

At this moment in time, it doesn’t look likely that we’ll even progress from our group, let alone win the whole competition.

We still have Bayern Munich to play. Twice.

I love Gabriel’s optimism but at the same time, we need to be realistic and not allow our league form to make us believe we’ve already got our Champions League form sorted.