Olivier Giroud made his first start in a while against Everton in the Premier League on Saturday and was pleased overall with not only his performance but Mesut Ozil’s.

Ozil provided an astonishing assist for Giroud’s header in the first half and both continued to threaten throughout the match.

Speaking about his own performance, the Frenchman said, “It’s a few weeks since I’ve started a game, with the national team. It was really important for me to come back.

“We have a different profile with Theo, and he was doing well at the beginning of the season. I try to bring what I know I can do well for the team so I’m pleased with the header.”

The striker then went on to praise his connection with Ozil on the pitch, saying, “It was a fantastic ball from Mesut. We have a good understanding on the pitch and I’m pleased for the team because we have given a really great performance with [plenty of] dedication and commitment.

“It was not so easy because we were tired after this strong week. Everton are always a tough team to play and that’s why we are tired but pleased tonight.”

Both Giroud and Ozil are similar in terms of work ethic. Both want the best for the team and work tirelessly to prove why they should be on the pitch.

While Giroud was on the bench and Theo flourished, the former never did anything but try to perform when given the chance and insist he only wanted Arsenal to do well. Ozil is also one of the least selfish players at the club – almost to his detriment at times.

It’s fantastic that they’re both linking up well and have such a good understanding.