As usual, there are a few positives to take from the interlull, which saw a number of our players contribute to wins and no injuries.

Here are five things we can take away from the interlull.

Olivier Giroud can score!

Giroud has been going through a difficult period recently. He’s only scored three goals for Arsenal so far this season and has lost out on his starting position in the team to Theo Walcott. The striker also hasn’t had the best time for his country until France’s international match against Denmark where he scored a quick brace in the fourth and sixth minutes.

Hopefully this boost will kick-start the Frenchman’s season and instill some confidence in his ability.

Walcott can be a striker

Considering the form the forward has been in for Arsenal and England this season, this isn’t a huge revelation. However, the 26-year-old managed to score his seventh goal for England against Estonia, keeping his tally climbing consistently since given a starting position in the Arsenal starting 11.

It’s now time for Theo to be taken seriously as a main striker.

Santi Cazorla can also score!

Santi Cazorla scored two goals for Spain against Luxenbourg in the 42nd and 85th minute. The two-footed midfielder is yet to find the goal for Arsenal so far this season and it’s the only part of his game that he really needs to work on.

Scoring for his country will be huge for the little maestro’s confidence and hopefully he can gradually introduce more goals to his repertoire for us.

No injuries – again

Another interlull has passed without any new injuries to Arsenal players. Coming through an international break with everyone who went away still in tact is a luxury we haven’t always had. If you listen closely, you can still hear the sound of millions of Gooners holding their breaths every time one of our players sets foot on the pitch.

Whether our lack of injuries is just a happy coincidence, we’re just fitter now, or whether we’ve implemented other techniques to prevent them, we now have a full squad once again to face Watford.

Feed to Ox and he will score

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain put England 3-0 up against Lithuania after being given a starting position in the team.

The win insures the Three Lions sail through the Euro 2016 qualification rounds with an 100% win record and both Theo and Alex helped this happen.

Perhaps this goal will prompt Wenger to give the Ox another chance to start for Arsenal. So far this season, he’s mainly been used as a substitute and, despite looking lively and sharp the majority of the time, has found it hard to find the net. The forward’s quality in the final third needs to be worked upon but I think this is mainly down to confidence than ability. Hopefully this goal for his country signals the start of something special and he can push on a make this his season.