Taking the lead from his manager, Diego Costa has continued the recent Chelsea obsession with all things Arsenal by saying his recent ban wasn’t all his fault.

Indicative of a club that can never accept when it has done something wrong, always seeking to blame it on others, the striker has said that he wasn’t the only one involved in the incident that saw him banned (I think you’ll find you were, Diego).

The best part of his recent interview with the London Evening Standard is definitely the bit at the start of the quotes where he says that he always takes responsibility when he’s done something wrong.

Sure you do…

“The critics have to carry on what they do but they should always be truthful.

“If I do something wrong, I am the first one to accept the criticism, I have no problem with that.

“For example, my behaviour in the game against Arsenal was not the best, I know that. But it was not just me. There was someone else involved.

“Many, many times I get kicked, I get elbowed — that’s part of football. It happens on the pitch but I never complain.

“Football is a contact sport and people have to understand they can’t change it into theatre.

“Football has always been a contact sport, these things have always happened.

“But we are professionals and what happens on the pitch stays on the pitch. So after the game it’s all good. But if I keep getting banned for three games, it’s going to be hard to maintain my level.”

They can’t change it into theatre. THEY. And he never complains.

Hilarious, pure comedy gold, just like everything at that club these days.