Diego Costa might finally be realising that his actions do have consequences after being dropped from the Spain international squad due to his behaviour on the pitch v Arsenal.

Spain’s manager, Vincente Del Bosque, has made it very clear what he thinks of Costa’s actions in the match versus Arsenal in which he grappled with Koscielny, before hitting him in the face and pushing him to the floor with his chest. Later in the game, the striker also kicked out at Oxlade-Chamberlain, which went completely unnoticed and unpunished.

“What he did was unedifying, and that is why he was punished,” the Spain manager said.

“Of course, I didn’t like what he did.”

It appears the player is only dropped for the upcoming Euro qualifiers.

Although I’m glad that Costa is getting punished for his thuggish behaviour it’s all a little too late. The striker has been acting in this manner for years and it’s only now that a light has been shinned upon his actions that he’s facing the consequences.

Getting retrospectively punished means nothing if he’s still allowed to roam around manhandling whoever he wants during the matches themselves.