Francis Coquelin has hailed Theo Walcott’s progress as a striker over recent games and believes the forward is proving his critics wrong.

People were understandably skeptical when Theo said he wanted to play up front permanently. He was inconsistent and his speed seemed a lot better suited to the right wing, where he had quite a bit of success.

However, after Theo’s recent displays in which the striker has shown his ability to not only score goals but move off the ball and track back, we’re all gradually coming around to the idea that he could actually be a great striker one day.

Coquelin believes his teammate is ‘amazing’ and spoke after the 3-0 win over Manchester United in the Premier League, insisting that the striker has turned a corner and is ready to produce not just for Arsenal but for England.

“When he is in this kind of mood he is not far off being unstoppable,” he said.

“It was not only offensively, what he did defensively was absolutely amazing. He was defending, chasing the ball. It makes things easier for us at the back.

“Can he do that for England? He shows everyone he can play in this role up front.”

It’s good to see Theo has the full support of his teammates. This faith will allow him to really push on and become the striker he wants to be.